74FD4357-7E95-4DAE-A3F5-859619A9669B A3BE0BEF-0D0A-404A-AEFE-6079786951C4 E88787AB-8545-4EA0-BCB5-1D0CE6A45DF5Three million years ago, a young woman died on an East African landscape. Today she is called Lucy. Her brittle bones exposed to sight after all this time. Three million year ago, no other place on Earth had known a Lucy. Lucy walked upright; Lucy used tools; Lucy was human; Lucy spread from East Africa to populate all the Earth.

Menes: Unifier of Upper & Lower Egypt
Menes: Unifier of Upper & Lower Egypt

Five thousand years ago, a King and his army from Southern Egypt marched North towards the Mediterranean Sea to form the first unified Kingdom on Earth, on the River Nile in Africa. King Menes’ unifying effort formed the Kingdom of Ancient Egypt which remained essentially intact for over three thousand years. No other government on Earth, at that time, endured for such a long period.

9F1FFE0E-F31E-446C-A254-7D1C4AABBD8B DA65C8AD-8C70-4CF0-88CF-1DCAE0ACFC1DFour thousand years ago, a young King and his family worshiped and praised the One God, Aten. King Akhenaten, sole ruler of the known World empire of Ancient Egypt, wrote a poem that glorified their One God. No where else on Earth, at that time, did people worship and praise less than two gods. From birth Akhenaten grew up surrounded by worshiping and praising the multitude of Egyptian gods. His mother, Tiye, taught him to love God, and God’s Creation. Tiye came from a village named Akhmim in Southern Egypt . She was the Great Royal Wife of Egypt by marriage between families of north and south Egypt.

Many will say so what! Why do these three events have any meaning?

The first event denotes the unity of humanity; all human life today owe their existence to their progenitor from a group of humans living in Africa millions of years ago.

The second event denotes the unity of humanity; all government, art, literature, architecture, science, law, and society today have replicated some aspects of life that originated in Ancient Egypt, in Africa.

The third event denotes the unity of humanity; all major religions of today follow the Ancient Egyptian beliefs, derived from Southern Africa, in worship, praise and glorification of the One God.

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